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    Summer Olympics on DiamondNet

    NBC and their network affiliates will broadcast the 2016 Summer Olympics from Rio beginning on August 5. DiamondNet customers can view all the great action every night during the games. Read on...
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    Wireless Internet Services Continue to Grow

    DiamondNet's wireless Internet services continue to grow as we gradually expand our services to those areas and customers who need a fast reliable Internet service but are unable to access due to their location Read on...
  3. FiberOpticCable_thumb.jpg

    Speedy Fiber Changing the Way We Use the Internet

    The Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council Americas has released the results of a survey by RVA, LLC showing that fiber deployments in the United States grew 13 percent in 2015. Read on...
  4. FiberOpticCable_thumb.jpg

    DiamondNet Launches WatchTVEverywhere

    DiamondNet is pleased to announce that our cable television subscribers can now watch programming for FREE on their tablet, smartphones, laptops or their personal computers. Read on...
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