How fast do you like to surf?
With a 100% fiber optic connection to your home or business, there is now a better option for Internet service from DiamondNet. Why is pure fiber Internet better? It has all the advantages of broadband Internet with new capabilities that you can only get from DiamondNet. DiamondNet provides you with real choices when it comes to selecting an Internet service that meets your needs. With four packages to choose from, and the incredible bandwidth and reliability of fiber optics, DiamondNet is the best choice for Internet in Sallisaw.
  1. Check Your Email

    Check your DiamondNet email account.

  2. Wireless Internet

    DiamondNet Wireless Internet

  3. DiamondNet Email Access & Setup

    DiamondNet Email Access & Setup

  4. Internet Safety

    Browse through information on how to safely use the internet.

  5. Speed Check

    Check your internet speed.

  6. Virus Information for the Home

    Find virus Information for the home.

  7. Virus & Spyware Info

    Read through information about the need for virus and spyware protection on your computer.