Is a burn permit required within the city limits?
Yes. A burn permit must be obtained before burning within the city limits. These may be obtained at City Hall at 115 E. Choctaw.

Burn Permit's are in place to protect the Citizen's of Sallisaw and their property inside corporate city limit's. If it was not for burn permit's there would be no way to control what was being burned, such as kitchen trash, tires, lumber, etc..

Burn permit's are not given out when conditions are not favorable such as drought or high winds. Burn Permit's can be obtained at City Hall Customer Service Counter(first floor).

Burn Permit's cost $10.00 and are good for 5 days during daylight hours. . Leaves and tree limbs, in small piles ,are the only items that are legal to burn in the City Limit's with this permit.

The Sallisaw Fire Department authorizes all the burn permit's through Customer Service.

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1. Is a burn permit required within the city limits?
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